How ”mobile-friendly” label gave me a boost in visitors

Google have for long been talking about how important it is for website owners to have a mobile friendly website. Since I work as a web developer, like new techniques and also runs one of Swedens biggest website with phone numbers to telemarketers I had jumped on the train and already made it responsive.

Understanding your visitors

Different websites will of course get different result of making your website mobile friendly, but I can almost guarantee that none will loose anything. This post will not cover all great tools that can analyze your visitors, but a great free tool to use and start with is Google Analytics. A quick look at my visitors shows that almost half of them are browsing on either a phone or a tablet and the trend is upwards. Not so weird since almost everyone want to check who called them instantly and I also have an mobile application that can warn the user when a telemarketer is calling them.


Always one step ahead your competitors

When you want to be a fighter and deliver absolutely the best you can for your visitors, you should always try to be ahed your competitors. Since I had analyzed and understood my visitors, I knew that having a responsive website when most of your visitors are on a mobile device is a must. When I made the switch to a mobile friendly website I could almost instantly see that my visitors stayed a little bit longer and they returned more often to my website, both resulting in an increased earning.

One goal for 2015 is to get more vistitors from search engines that searched for ”vem ringde”, which is what my main competitors website is called. Everyone who works with SEO know that it is really hard to get higher positions in SERP, and to be number 1 on your competitors brand should be a really hard nut to crack. But who knew Google would help me to accomplish my goal…

vem ringde
Mobile search for vem ringde

Back in middle of november 2014 Google introduced the ”mobile friendly” label seen in the image above. Unfortunately it was only for english language, but only one month later they informed all that this feature had been rolled out globally for all languages.

So, what happened when my site was labeled mobile friendly while my competitor did not?
Until I get the number one position, the only possible way to get more visitors from the phrase ”vem ringde” is higher CTR. My CTR climbed from 5% to 8%, looking back for year 2014 my CTR had been 4.6% so this increase was more than welcome. If my competitor didn’t have all theese extra site links I’m absolutely sure I had gotten even better result. Now only users with larger screens can see my site in SERP, but my guess is that the higher CTR I get, the more visitors I get and the more willing is Google to drop some sitelinks from the top position. 2015 sure is gonna be an exciting year in my effort to get even more happy visitors and steal some of my competitor traffic 🙂

ctr for vem ringde
Graph showing CTR of my website


Final words

You should not only be one step ahead, so when Google also informed about https you should have listen carefully. I encrypt all traffic, even all API calls used by mine and all others appliations. The main reason for encrypting your website should be to protect your users, but as an extra flavor Google also told that https is one of many ranking signals. Hopefully this will benefit my site even more against my competitor that mostly seems to be sleeping when the Internet is changing rapidly 🙂


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